Shipping conditions


  1. Introduction:

The Online Store shall perform the delivery in accordance with the conditions specified in the description of the c Goods, unless the parties otherwise agree.


  1. Delivery methods:
    • DPD Pickup. Delivery of goods to your chosen DPD Pickup Point (DPD Parcel Shop – DPD Paku Bode, hereinafter, PPB) or to the DPD Pick Up Station (DPD Parcel Locker – DPD Paku Skapis, hereinafter, PPS). Delivery of the order by DPD Pickup can be chosen if the goods do not exceed the dimensions of 61 x 44 x 37 cm and weight of 20 kg. Upon the arrival of the Goods, you will receive a text message (SMS) from DPD courier service.
    • By courier. Delivery of goods to the delivery address specified by you. The courier hands over the Goods directly to the customer. A courier shall contact the buyer by phone before the delivery to specify a time and a place of delivery.


  1. Delivery terms:
    • Delivery term for each specific product is indicated next to the description;
    • When ordering Goods with a specified delivery time exceeding 30 days, it is considered that the Buyer and the Online store have agreed on this specified delivery time and this agreement becomes an integral part of the contract.


  1. Obligations of the buyer:
    • to accept the goods on the agreed delivery day, present the payment documents for the Goods and sign the delivery receipt for the Goods;
    • the Goods shipped via DPD Pickup have to be collected from a collection point within 7 days from the moment when DPD have contacted you by SMS. If the recipient has not collected the Goods within the specified time (7 days), the order returns to the Online Store, and the money paid for the goods is refunded less transportation costs. If, at the time of placing an order, the Buyer was granted a delivery discount, but the delivery of Goods is impossible due to the fault of the Buyer or due to any circumstances attributable to the Buyer, the Seller reserves the right to have the full cost of delivery (in force at the time of order) withheld from the amount refundable to the Customer;
    • to collect the parcel at the PPB point, the recipient shall present an identity document (passport, ID card or driver’s license) or name a PIN code. In addition, the recipient shall sign for receipt of the parcel;
    • a third party may also collect the parcel at the PPB point. In order to do so, a third party shall state the name and surname of the recipient indicated on the parcel, provide a PIN code and sign for receipt of the parcel;
    • to collect the parcel at the PPS point, the PIN codes sent to the recipient by SMS and/ or e-mail shall be entered;
    • any person who can enter the sent PIN codes can receive the parcel at the PPS point;
    • to ensure the access for delivery transport to the place of delivery of the goods at a distance of at least 50 meters and to cover all related costs specified in the legislation (entry permits, passes);
    • to ensure a sufficient number of people (according to the dimensions and weight of the shipment) to receive the Goods;
    • if the ordered Goods are oversized (weight exceeds 31.5 kg), unloading shall be arranged by the recipient;
    • Repeated delivery shall be performed at additional cost;
    • Delivery and unloading of shipments heavier than 31.5 kg or oversized shipments are done only by trucks. The Buyers shall provide a possibility for the truck to reach the desired unloading location, otherwise the delivery shall not be possible;
    • Upon receiving the Goods, the recipient shall present a valid identity document to be correctly identified. If the Recipient cannot receive the Goods himself, but the Goods are delivered to the address indicated by the Buyer, the Buyer has no right to make claims to the Online Store regarding the delivery of the Goods to an inappropriate person;
    • In case the delivery of goods by courier is impossible due to the fault of the Customer or due to any circumstances attributable to the Buyer (the Buyer has specified a wrong address, the Buyer or the recipient is not present at the specified address, the specified address is inaccessible, etc.), the Goods shall not be dispatched repeatedly (unless the Buyer pays an extra fee for repeated delivery of the goods), and the money paid for the goods is refunded less transportation costs.


  1. Customs and Import Tax:
    Sia “” is not responsible for taxes or duties incurred on international shipping. Each country has its own regulations and we have no way of calculating this charge. Any duties or taxes due are the responsibility of the Buyer. We recommend you contact the local tax authority in your area to find out in advance exactly what taxes need to be paid, if any.


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